Etched Glass Jewelry

Stained Glass   Etched   Iridized   Frit    Confetti

Reminiscent of that perfect piece of beach glass you found while strolling along the shoreline, my recycled glass jewelry adds a playful touch.

My hammer!  Where’s my hammer?  This is the only part of my process that I get to smack bottles with a hammer.  Most of the time now the bottles are cut with a tile saw.  Either way the tops and bottoms are removed from the bottles and curved pieces are hand cut from the glass cylinders.  When using stained glass, I select the flat pieces of glass for color and hand cut the shapes.  All pieces are tumbled in a rock polisher for several days to get a beach glass texture.

Recycled glass earrings made from beer bottles are one of my specialties.  Beerings are available in Hineken green, Miller clear (white when etched), and Summit (insert your favorite local brew here) amber.  These unique glass earrings are presented on a specially designed Beering card.