Beer Rings - Recycled beer bottles are transformed into jewelry. Circles (bottle necks) and curved shapes of amber, green, blue and clear (white when etched) are cut and etched in a tumbler to a "beach glass" texture. (click here to see more Beer Rings)

Stained Glass – Transparent, translucent and opaque stained glass in a wide array of colors, kiln fired to retain the shiny surface.  (click here to see more Stained Glass)

Etched – Stained glass and bottles tumbled to a “beach glass” texture. (click here to see more Etched Glass)

Iridized – Stained glass with a very thin metallic coat creating an opalescent appearance. (click here to see more Iridized Glass)

Frit – Clear glass with small grains and chips of colored glass fused to the surface. (click here to see more Frit Glass)

Confetti - Clear glass with flakes and strings of colored glass fused into the glass. (click here to see more Confetti Glass)